Humboldt resident wins $150,000 on Zing!

Winning doesn’t quite feel real for new winner

Eva Rowe is grateful for the turn of events that led her to purchase a $150,000-winning XTREME GREEN Zing ticket!

“I went to the store to get a magazine and cereal, but the store was sold out of both,” she said. “So, I picked up some cinnamon buns instead and went through the express line.”

“I asked for a different Zing ticket, but they were sold out of that ticket as well,” she continued. “So I asked for an XTREME GREEN ticket.”

The winner said it took a couple days before she scratched the ticket. When she did, she quickly discovered her big win.

“I scratched the ticket and uncovered the number two,” she said. “Two has always been a favourite number for me – I have twos in my birthdate, and I’m a Gemini, which is a twin sign.”

“The number two matched one of the prizes, and at first all I saw was 15,” she continued. “I thought I won $15 – good! Then I saw a zero, and I thought $150 – awesome! Then I finally got a good look at the prize amount.”

Rowe said she told her husband the good news, and they have started to think of things to do with the windfall.

“I think I’ll cross some things off my bucket list,” said Rowe. “I feel it’s my turn to have a bucket list, so maybe we’ll plan a trip to Hawaii or Ireland.”

“Honestly, winning has only just started to feel real to me,” she continued. “You always dream about winning the lottery, but when you do, it’s really unbelievable!”

Rowe purchased her $5 Zing ticket at Humboldt Co-op Food Store, located at 2430 Westwood Drive in Humboldt.

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1 x $1 Million Prize
Exact Match Only
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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