OSAC – Bringing the Arts to the People of Saskatchewan

Every year, the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC) brings visual and performing arts to schools, towns and cities in more than 80 locations across Saskatchewan. And each season, OSAC keeps the arts alive by booking roughly 150 performances, 15 art exhibitions and allowing over 25,000 people to participate in an OSAC performance. “The mandate of the organization is bringing the arts to the people of Saskatchewan,” Executive Director of OSAC, Kevin Korchinski says, “Often our school tours are the first and sometimes only time the youth of Saskatchewan get to have a live artistic experience. It’s stunning to see the impact a show like that can have on a person.”

Additionally, each year OSAC hosts an annual Showcase Conference. The conference allows OSAC to bring its members - Arts Councils, from across the province under one roof for a weekend of the best performing and visual talent from Saskatchewan artists as well as Canadian and International artists and to plan the upcoming season of tours. Some of the historical performances and exhibits to have toured Saskatchewan Arts Councils and Showcase weekend include; The Tenors, Buffy Saint-Marie, David Myles, the St. Petersburg Quartet, Celtic Tenors, Irish Rovers, Jack Semple, Belle Plaine the Dead South, and many, many more.

There are Art Council organizations in every province, but OSAC is unique. “Saskatchewan Lotteries funding has given us the ability to provide top notch collections, and touring exhibits of visual and performing arts to parts of Saskatchewan that would otherwise have to travel long distances in order to see it,” says Korchinski. Programming of this calibre is possible because of a dedicated network of volunteers committed to making culture a vital part of Saskatchewan community life.

OSAC members are in approximately 50 communities across the province, from La Ronge to Redvers and Maple Creek to Shaunavon. Each year the OSAC membership grows, and recently, Maple Creek and Warman have signed up to take in the many benefits that OSAC offers its members—one of which is funding from Saskatchewan Lotteries.

The 2017/18 OSAC touring season was recently announced, and it’s going to be a big one as OSAC heads in to their 50th year of incorporation. This season will bring 165 performances to 35 communities in Saskatchewan, featuring 43 different artists, such as Colin Mocherie and Deb McGrath, Citizen West, 100 Mile House, Chris Henderson, Bob Cates, The Proteus Saxophone Quartet, Sweet Alibi, The Dead South and more. The new season will include everything from pop, world and folk music, to theatre performances for both youth and general audiences. Visual Arts Exhibitions will include artists such as Joe Fafard, Bart Pragnell, Leah Marie Dorion and Monique Martin. The School Touring Program will feature Dance, Theatre and Music presentations that will entertain and educate the students of Saskatchewan.

Stay up to date for performances in your community by following OSAC on any of their social platforms or their website www.osac.ca, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OSACsask/, Twitter https://twitter.com/OSACsask or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/osacsask/

SaskCulture - thanks to the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation - provides funding to a wide range of cultural groups and activities in the province, including OSAC.  Together, with organizations, such as OSAC, we are building a culturally vibrant Saskatchewan.  Culture Builds Community!  Learn more at www.saskculture.sk.ca

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