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$10,000.00 - ZING - CASH COUCH

Chris Hahn - Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

"I just laughed!"

Ticket Sold By:
Carriage House Gift Shop, 9030 Mcleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB

$10,000.00 - ZING - CANDY CANE CASH

Julian Ens - in Trust - Codette, SK

"It was pretty fun!"

Ticket Sold By:
Domo Gas, 808 9th Ave. W, Nipawin, SK

$100,000.00 - ZING - VIRTUAL BONANZA

Justin Allard - Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

"I'm just flippin' excited!"

Ticket Sold By:
Fort Qu'Appelle Scenic Centre, 597 Bay Ave. S., Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

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$1,000,002.00 - WESTERN MAX

Daryl & Kim Cherry - Saskatoon, SK

"I asked Kim if this was really happening, and she kept saying, ‘I think so!'”

Ticket Sold By:
Greystone Convenience Store, 2505 8th St. E, Saskatoon, SK

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$11,219.00 - POKER LOTTO - ALL IN

Luella Nelson - Saskatoon, SK

"I was happy!"

Ticket Sold By:
Shoppers Drug Mart #2463, 3014 McClocklin Rd., Saskatoon, SK

$42,115.00 - SPORT SELECT

Rodney Klassen & Howie Brunet - Moose Jaw

"We were sweating by the last game!"

Ticket Sold By:
Safeway Fuel Station #4893, 200 - 1st Ave NW, Moose Jaw, SK

$20,918.75 - SPORT SELECT

Kris Dutchak - Regina, SK

"It was quite a surprise!"

Ticket Sold By:
Northgate Petro-Can, 481 Albert St. N., Regina, SK


Rick Pozniak - Martensville, SK

"I couldn't believe it!"

Ticket Sold By:
TR Petroleum, 401 Centennial Dr. S, Martensville, SK

$100,000.00 - EXTRA

Wilf Winand - Yorkton, SK

"My wife had a big smile on her face when I told her!"

Ticket Sold By:
Royal Drug Mart, 135 - 3 Ave. E., Melville, SK

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$500,000.00 - DAILY GRAND

Thomas Kennedy - Harris, SK

“I’m going to invest in myself!"

Ticket Sold By:

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$12,051.70 - POKER LOTTO + ALL IN

Luan Nguyen - Regina, SK

"I feel lucky!"

Ticket Sold By:
Westside Confectionary, 1152 Dorothy St., Regina, SK

$50,000.00 - ZING - BINGO

Bernardo & Concepcion Caneda - Regina, SK

"We yelled, hugged and jumped!"

Ticket Sold By:
Sherwood Co-op Horizons Way, 8501 Dewdney Ave, Regina, SK

$135,984.60 - LOTTO MAX

Orville Miner & Wendy Olson - White Fox, SK

"He's really into April Fool's jokes so I didn't believe it at first!"

Ticket Sold By:
Fas Gas Walleye Service, 350 1st Ave. E, Nipawin, SK

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$12,710.50 - POOLS

Dennis Schlekewy - St. Walburg, SK

"This is nice!"

Ticket Sold By:
Kim's Service Ltd., 110 2nd St. E, St. Walburg, SK

$500,000.00 - ZING - $500 GRAND

Marianne Elliott - Humboldt, SK

"It's very overwhelming. I'm just in shock!"

Ticket Sold By:
Thrifty Market, 203 Main St., Humboldt, SK

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$20,000.00 - ZING - SET FOR LIFE

Megan Gross - Humboldt, SK

"I was in shock!"

Ticket Sold By:
Shoppers Drug Mart #434, 107 - 1919 8th Ave., Humboldt, SK

$12,710.50 - POOLS

Travis Giles - Elrose, SK

"I was excited!"

Ticket Sold By:
Elrose Pharmacy, 203 Main St., Elrose, SK

$1,000,000.00 - LOTTO MAX

Walter Rokosh - Regina, SK

"My head was spinning!"

Ticket Sold By:
Northgate Esso, 505 Albert St. N., Regina, SK

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$1,000,000.00 - LOTTO MAX - MAXMILLIONS

Stacey Lamothe - Meadow Lake, SK

"I finally got to sleep last night!"

Ticket Sold By:
Fas Gas #150, 216 9th St. W, Meadow Lake, SK

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$18,273.60 - LOTTO MAX

Mike Miller - Neville, SK

"I didn't think it was real!"

Ticket Sold By:
Pioneer Co-op - Swift Current Gas Bar, 1150 Central Ave. N., Swift Current, SK

$50,000.00 - ZING - Crossword

Gail Moore - Moose Jaw

"Things kept getting better & better!"

Ticket Sold By:
JM35 Lotteries, 1235 Main St. N., Moose Jaw


Justice Tallmadge - Saskatoon, SK

“I told my mom to wake me up because I was dreaming!”

Ticket Sold By:
Esso "On the Run" , 814 22nd St. W, Saskatoon, SK

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$12,212.80 - POKER LOTTO - ALL IN

Doug Leniuk - Saskatoon, SK

"I couldn't believe it!"

Ticket Sold By:
Fas Gas Broadway #28, 1821 Broadway Ave., Saskatoon, SK

$75,000.00 - ZING - THE BIGGER SPIN

Dewayne Hanson - Milden, SK

"I was pretty surprised!"

Ticket Sold By:
Pharmasave #418, 117 Main St., Rosetown, SK

$1,000,000.00 - LOTTO MAX

Terry Thorsteinson - Regina, SK

"I'm going to roll in it!"

Ticket Sold By:
Lorne Drugs Ltd., 2255 - 14th Ave., Regina, SK

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$50,000.00 - WESTERN 6/49

Yi Song (Grace) - Yorkton, SK

"It was so exciting, I was jumping up and down!"

Ticket Sold By:
Loaf N Jug, 387E Parkview Rd., Yorkton, SK

$1 million - MAXMILLIONS

Ashley Sieben - Trustee - Group of 52 - Langenburg, SK

"This will make everyone's day!"

Ticket Sold By:
Petro Canada, 505 Kaiser William Ave. E, Langenburg, SK

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$88,420.60 - LOTTO 6/49

Andre Deneve - Regina, SK

"This is exciting!"

Ticket Sold By:
Racetrac & STM Car Wash, 210 Winnipeg St., Regina, SK

or Guaranteed $1 Million
20 Balls Remaining
Exact Match Only
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Friday, December 9, 2022

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