Saskatoon resident wins $2 million on WESTERN 649!

New millionaire says lottery win is unlike anything he’s felt before

“Winning the lottery, it’s a feeling like I’ve never felt before,” said Derick Neufeld, Saskatchewan’s newest $2,000,010 WESTERN 649 and EXTRA winner. “I’ve always hoped, but I didn’t think it would actually happen to me!”

Neufeld was visiting Winnipeg when he decided to pick up a WESTERN 649 ticket at the 7-Eleven Food Store located at 1863 Henderson Highway. He checked his ticket when he returned to Saskatoon.

 “I scanned the ticket on the self-checker and thought I’d won $200,010,” he said. “I scanned it again and realized that I’d won $2,000,010! Then I took the ticket to the retailer and got him to confirm it for me.”

“Things went a little crazy after that!” he continued. “I called my wife and said, ‘You’re never going to believe this – I won $2 million!’”

The happy winner said he has a few ideas for his winnings, but he hasn’t set anything in stone.

“The halo guy on my right shoulder is saying, ‘Invest; plan for the future,’” he laughed. “The guy on my other shoulder is saying, ‘Woohoo! Get a party bus – Craven on wheels!’ We’re going to find some middle-ground.”

“Honestly, this amount of money, it’s life-changing, but it’s not life-altering,” he continued. “It’s going to help position ourselves to live a little easier, and that’s fantastic!”

Neufeld won his top-prize on the May 4 WESTERN 649 draw. His $2 million-winning numbers were 2, 10, 19, 36, 39 and 43. He won $10 in subsidiary prizes.

Saskatchewan Lotteries is the fundraiser for more than 12,000 sport, culture, recreation and community groups.

1 x $1 Million Prize
Exact Match Only
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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