All Pick Your Present prizes have been awarded.

Vacation Voucher or $5,000
Wanda Sanders Saskatoon, SK
Cara Portras Regina, SK
Teresa Rutledge Jasper, AB
SAMSUNG 55” Smart TV or $1,300
Kiana Jorquera Red Deer, AB
Kim Wandler Saskatoon, SK
Krystal Kozicky Bonnyville, AB
Valerie McKinnon Winnipeg, MB
Patrick Osmond Yellowknife, NT
Joanne Tebay Maymont, SK
Diane Boustead Edmonton, AB
Barkley Hunter Calgary, AB
Lara McRobbie Winnnipeg, MB
Grace Wheeler Carmacks, YT
Sean Ramage Red Deer, AB
Alia Markham Innisfail, AB
$1,000 Cash
Mary Grace Abarabar Cochrane, AB
Chantelle Kittle Estevan, SK
Sutesh Nanjad Calgary, AB
Jessica Bagabuyo High Level, AB
David Bishop Calgary, AB
Colleen Haig Abee, AB
Ralph Justine dela Cruz Fort Saskatchewan, AB
Sherry Prefontaine Edmonton, AB
Steven Thom Edmonton, AB
Gwendolyn Geneau Coalhurst, AB
Joline Ryle St. Martin, MB
Denise Letendre Lloydminster, AB
Mike Thomson Sanford, MB
Kyle Anderson Winnipeg, MB
Zankruti Jhala Edmonton, AB
SAMSUNG Galaxy Smartwatch or $250
Sandra Miller Red Deer, AB
Patrick Holden Winnipeg, MB
Augusto Casali Calgary, AB
Brian Champagne Calgary, AB
Sandeep Singh Gill Edmonton, AB
Anthony Rewniak Winnipeg, MB
Kyle Bain Edmonton, AB
Douglas Buckley Hay River, NT
David Ross Montreal Lake, SK
Landon Fedorchuk Gonor, MB
SAMSUNG ChannelSound Bar or $300
Amanda Thornhill Brooks, AB
Mark Baker Grande Prairie, AB
Shana Rogalski Benito, MB
Lisa Lloyd Calgary, AB
Nikki Flett Erickson, MB
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 32 GB Tablet or $300
James Keller Winnipeg, MB
Teresa Heringer Lacombe, AB
Barbara Patricia Offord Calgary, AB
Dyryn Bear Saskatoon, SK
Georgina Bartley-Ricketts Brandon, MB

Questions and Answers

Q: What should I do with my PICK YOUR PRESENT ticket portions once I’ve entered them in the contest?

Be sure to hold on to any PICK YOUR PRESENT contest entries until March 1, 2020 – the deadline for awarding prizes. You may be contacted if an alternate needs to be chosen.


Q.  I just bought a ticket and the contest is over.  Can I still enter the contest? 

A: No.  The contest portion was a limited-time promotion offered at no extra cost.  However, even though the contest is over, players who purchase any of the tickets that included the contest can still win and claim any prizes from the Zing game portion.

Q. How do I check the Internet Contest Number from my ticket to see if I won after the contest has closed?

A. The contest closed on January 3, 2020, and all the winners have been drawn and are in the process of being contacted and verified.  Only those contest numbers entered prior to the contest deadline are eligible.  If you’ve purchased a ticket that has the contest, you only qualify for the ticket’s main prizing which is what the ticket cost is associated with. 

1 x $1 Million Prize
Exact Match Only
Saturday, November 28, 2020
4* x $1 Million Prize
Exact Match Only
Friday, November 27, 2020

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