Who Benefits

Sask Lotteries helps to build solid foundations
for our communities by supporting volunteer sport, culture and recreation groups in the province. 

These groups provide a wide range of activities in every Saskatchewan community, from our smallest towns to our biggest cities. Sport, culture and recreation activities give
us all the opportunity to participate, improve self-esteem, learn teamwork and celebrate our heritage. Getting
involved helps build skills and values that last a lifetime and make Saskatchewan a great place to live.

Sask Lotteries is the main fundraiser for more than 12,000 sport, culture and recreation groups in the province.  See Sask Lotteries videos.

Together, we all win!

Here is how the Lottery Dollar is spent in Saskatchewan (based on the March 31, 2019 fiscal year):

Learn more about Sask Lotteries Trust Fund.

Programs and activities funded by Sask Lotteries and initiated by the 12,000 non-profit volunteer organizations are part of the solution in overcoming the province's important social issues. Lottery proceeds fund programs for people of all ages and ability levels to become more involved in community activities, and help remove barriers to participation for people with disabilities, youth, seniors, women and the economically disadvantaged.

Activities supported through the Sask Lotteries system are a major contributor to wellness, funding activities for people of all ages and abilities, ranging from hockey to art camps to aerobics. These programs encourage people to adopt active, healthy lifestyles, which improve their physical and mental health. The work of these volunteer groups also has a significant impact on the provincial economy. It is estimated that every year in Saskatchewan, sport, culture and recreation activities generate over $1 billion worth of economic activity and sustain almost 13,000 jobs.

Sport, culture and recreation are delivered to the people of Saskatchewan through three independent non-profit organizations.

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» Who Benefits

Who Benefits

You help Sask Lotteries fund more than 12,000 groups. It makes life better for people across Saskatchewan, and that’s something to cheer about!

Who Benefits

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