La Loche winner brings home $150,000 with THE BIG SPIN

Tuesday, December 22 was an exciting day for Jules Boucher.

When the La Loche resident stepped up to THE BIG SPIN prize wheel, he knew he was about to walk away with a big windfall – but he didn’t know yet how much. Moments later, he had an answer: Boucher was suddenly $150,000 richer!

Boucher is the latest Saskatchewan winner of THE BIG SPIN – a $5 Zing ticket with one major difference: not only can players win cash prizes in the same way as with a regular scratch ticket, they can also uncover a “Spin Win,” and discover their prize through an animated prize wheel at their local Lotto Spot retailer. If their Spin Win reveals “The Big Spin,” they instantly win $10,000 and have a shot to spin the big prize wheel to determine what they’ll take home in total.

Boucher’s road to the prize wheel started by picking up a $5 THE BIG SPIN Zing lottery ticket from Center Point Grocery and Pharmacy at 2612 La Loche Ave. on the evening of Nov. 27. He took the ticket home, scratched it to reveal a “Spin Win” and headed back to the store the next day to see what he’d won on the animated prize wheel. He was shocked when it landed on “The Big Spin.”

“I thought it was going to stop at $10,000, but then it hit ‘Big Spin,’ and I just went “yeah!’ ” he recounted with a laugh during his initial prize claim.

Boucher immediately video called his partner and told her, “Honey, guess what? I just won $10,000!”

Boucher says he’s not sure yet what he’ll do with his windfall, but says at least part of it will be devoted to paying off some debt.

1 x $1 Million Prize
Exact Match Only
Saturday, May 8, 2021
Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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